2010 19.01. Köln Opening Night: "Revolving Realities"- 10ch Light-Visual-Auditive Installation. 
  25.02. Graz "Bonner Durchmusterung" Sonification of astrpophysical data at IEM Cube in Graz. 
  04.03. Los Angeles Schmickler Concert at REDCAT/CalArts. 
  09.05. Köln Musik Trienalle: Nabatov, Blonk, Gratkowski, Hemingway, Schmickler 5tet. 
  15.05. Esslingen Nabatov, Blonk, Gratkowski, Hemingway, Schmickler 5tet. 
  22.05. Porto Cardew "Treatise" 
  02.06. Berlin "Sounding Code", Berghain 
  05.06. Berlin "Höre mit Schmerzen" Panel Discussion, w. D.Diederichsen et al., HAU2 
  10.06. Düsseldorf "Bonner Durchmusterung", Institut fuer Musik und Medien 
  08.07. Kongsberg Fuhler / Noetinger / Schmickler 
  10.07. Kongsberg Mimeo 
  26.09. Berlin "Bonner Durchmusterung/ WFS Version" at SC-Conference Berlin, Technische Universität 
  11.10. Köln Stadtgarten supporting KTL. 
  14.11. Helsinki Äänen Lumo - Festival for New Sounds- Duo w. Thomas Lehn 
  03.12. Pforzheim "Bonner Durchmusterung" at Hochschule für Gestaltung 
  10.12. Tours Total Meeting Solo and Duo with Sebastian Lexer 
  05.01.   "Die Anwaelte", Movie with Pluramon Soundtrack gets shortlisted for German Filmprize. 
  05.02.   Marcus Schmickler produces "Ihr seid Künstler"- Protest-Schlager. 
  05.03.   "Bonner Durchmusterung" gets feature at Locus Sonus. 
  23.03.   New Album "DEPLOYMENT" by Gratkowski Nabtov Schmickler on Leo Records. 
  14.06.   Teaching at Summer School MFA programm at Bard College, NY 
  29.10.   Excerpts of "Bonner Durchmusterung" broadcasted at Deutschlandradio 00:05 cet 
  15.12.   WDR3 Studio Elektronische Musik "Spatial Acoustics 1" 
  22.12.   WDR3 Studio Elektronische Musik "Spatial Acoustics 2", programmes revolving around music and architecture created by Marcus Schmickler 
  10.12.   Exclusive Track Released on RWM Radio Web MACBA, Barcelona "Composing with Process, Perspectives on Gernerative Music" 
  15.12.   New Release: Palace of Marvels [queered pitch] on EditionsMego / streetdate Dec. 15. Preoders taken at EditionsMego 
2009 28.11. Weimar 'Three Penny Opera' Sound-direction and Korepetition
  14.11. Wigry MIMEO
  13.11. Berlin Ilhan Mimaroglu Tribute concerts
  11.11. Frankfurt "Altars Of Science" presentation.
  23.10. Prague 8- channel presentation.
  02.10. Weimar Premiere of Don Carlos at DNT
  24.09. Hannover 8 channel presentation at dak-tilde
  24.06. Köln Gratkovski, Nabatov, Schmickler at Loft.
  27.06. Warsaw 8- channel presentation at Musica Genera Festival
  07.06. Paris Cardew's "Treatise" at CAC Bretigny.
  29.05. Bonn Premiere of "Bonner Durchmusterung" and "Rule of Inference" at BundeskunstundAustellungshalle
  15.05. NYC R/S at No Fun Fest
  13.05. Baltimore R/S at Hexagon w. Matmos
  12.05. Boston R/S One at Non Event
  08.05. Chicago R/S One at Lampo
  03.04. Rotterdam "Sweat for Crackers" at WORM
  14.03. Köln Duo Concert w/Thomas Lehn at NOZART festival.
  13.03. Utrecht Duo Concert w/ Thomas Lehn at Utrecht Jazz Festival.
  03.03. Edinburgh Concert at University of Edinburgh
  23.01. Venice BTG?5
  15.01. Tel Aviv "Altars Of Science" presentation with FARN.
  13.01. Tel Aviv Sound Installation for Bat Yam Museum MoBy. Curated by Duprass.
  16.10.   'Rule of Inference' on Deutschlandradio
  18.09.   'E-UROPAS' on WDR3 Radio (11.00 pm cet)
  20.08. 01.07.   film "Die Anwälte" (The Lawyers") receives official rating "exceptionally valuable"! "Die Anwälte", a documentary-movie about the different careers of three APO lawyers premiers on Filmfestival Munich, featuring soundtrack by Pluramon.
  26.03.  "The Big Sellout", a documentary featuring Pluramon's soundtrack wins prolific "Grimme"-prize.
  03.03. 13.01.   3 days Workshop at University of Edinburgh Radiofeature about Marcus Schmickler's music in German Radio HR2. 23.00.
2008 06.12. Kitakyushu Concert and Lecture at CCA.
  22.11. Köln "Altars Of Science" presentation with FARN at Gebäude 9.
  07.11. Bordeaux Concert Marcus Schmickler /Thomas Lehn at Transe Atlantic.
  16.09. 04.09. Köln Record Release Concert at a-Musik instore with Thomas Lehn.
 04.09. Yokohama "Altars Of Science" presentation as part of Yokohama Triennale. Curated by Oren Ambarchi.
  16.08. Köln DJ Set at Wasserspielplatz as part of c-o pop.
  19.07. 17.07. Köln "Altars Of Science" presentation with FARN. "
  17.07. Melbourne Altars Of Science" presentation as part of Liquid Architecture.
  15.07. Bendigo "Altars Of Science" presentation as part of Liquid Architecture.
  12.07. 04.07. Sydney Brisbane "Altars Of Science" presentation as part of Liquid Architecture. "Altars Of Science" presentation as part of Liquid Architecture.
  04.07. Lismore "Altars Of Science" presentation.
  31.05. 30.05. Hamburg Leipzig Pluramon at Übel und Gefährlich. (canceled) Pluramon at Conney Island.
  28.05. Berlin Pluramon at Lido w. Apparat. Presented by Zero inch and
  07.05. 03.05. Wien Riga "Altars Of Science" presentation at Rhiz. Marcus Schmickler multichannel presentation with FARN at Skanu Mezs.
  18.04. Köln "Petit poème pour L.F." with Hayden Chisholm at Loft.
  06.03. San Francisco "Altars Of Science" presentation at Compound.
  29.02. Milwaukee Premiere of "Ephemerides I".
  22.02. Saint Malo Pluramon at Route du Rock Festival.
  20.02. Paris Pluramon at Divan du Monde.
  19.02. Braga Pluramon at Theatro Circo.
  17.02. Barcelona Pluramon at Sala Apolo.
  09.02. Münster Marcus Schmickler and Chad Popple at Klangzeitfestival.
  20.01. Berlin Pluramon at Volksbühne "Was machen mit dem angefangenen Jahr"-festival. Curated by Jens Friebe.
  t.b.a.   Mix for "The WIRE" on Resonance FM.
  19.11.   Interview for WDR 3 about "Virtual Machines"
  12.11.   Radio Mix and Interview for WDR3 "Studio Elektronische Musik"
  29.10., 18.10. 26.09.   Lecture at Landesmuseum Bonn. Music For Hamlet-Maschiene "No roof acces" in Weimar DNT. Live radio show on campusradio at 06.30 pm (CET). Listen to live stream.
  29.06.   Live radio show on resonance 104.4 fm at 05.00 pm (CET). Listen to live stream.
  15.05.   Marcus Schmickler mixes the new release by Bohren und der Club of Gore.
  23.03. 07.02.   "Time for a Lie" from Pluramon album "Dreams Top Rock" licensed for Collette No.9 Mix Sampler. New article on Karlheinz Stockhausen published in Positionen.
  01.02.   New Website online: !!!
  15.01.   New release: Electronic piece 'Sator Rotas' from 1998 in an instrumental re-interpretation by Trio Muche Zoubek Tang. Out on creative sources recordings.